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A few months ago fellow TFGE member Edinburgh Foody introduced me to the talented film maker Marc Grundy of King Film UK. Marc (@kingfilmuk) had recently moved to Edinburgh and, like most newbies to the city, was astounded by the variety of high quality restaurants available. Keen to explore, and exercise his film-making fingers, Marc set upon a new and exciting project: Cook That!

Here’s what he has to say about the project…

Cook That! is a web series where each week we will talk to a different chef about all things food. Sure we’ll ask them the basics; where they work, their favourite dishes, etc but what we’re really after is the nitty gritty details about what it’s like to work with food as a career.

Marc has been busying away getting footage ready for his launch, so far interviewing Chefs Mark Greenaway and Neil Forbes  (Cafe St Honore). If you want to follow him on the journey, the Cook That! Facebook page is filled with behind the scenes images and updates, including a sneak preview at some beautiful screen shots from the first two films…

But why mention Cook That! now?

Well… Marc has kindly asked for Total Food Geeks to put our fingers in the Cook That pie, to get our hands dirty so to speak.

Tomorrow Emily and I will be going along to the filming session of Cook That’s third film – working with innovative catering Chef Chris Griffet of The Pickled Fork. Chris will be teaching me to cook and then Emily will be probing him about the ins and outs of his foodie existence. Following this trail session, Marc has said that he would like more and more TFGE members to get involved in the project (and what a lot of glamorous assistants we have on offer!).

The video series is yet to launch, but keep an eye out on the Cook That Show Youtube channel for the regular footage and insight into the world of Edinburgh’s top chefs… and perhaps even the smiling face of a Total Food Geek or two…

Total Food Geeks - Cook That

As a taster of what is to come, here’s some footage Marc knocked together for the Edinburgh Fringe and Edinburgh Foodies festival earlier this year…


Photo Credit: Marc Grundy


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