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On thinking about this month’s theme, I thought about the occasional series on my Edinburgh Foody blog, called useful gadgets. These are things someone has designed to make your life easier.

I rummaged around the kitchen drawer so find all the various wooden items I had. Most of these are not gadgets, they are not glamorous. They are often cheap and overlooked, but they reliable do the job and are to me, essential.

Wooden spoons and rolling pins

Wooden spoons

I use wooden spoons a lot. I really like cooking with them. There’s no risk of melting (like some of the spatulas I’ve had); they won’t break (easily); they don’t ruin delicate non-stick pans. They’re great for baking and super for sauces. I get rather attached to some of my spoons and it is with great sadness that they have to eventually be discarded. This is usually after I have singed the handle after one to many times, or they split after years of use.  I love the way they become stained with age (especially when beetroot is involved).

I’ve had my straight rolling pin for so, so long. If I ever tried rolling pastry with another pin I didn’t get on with it at all. I love the slightly rough feel of the pin, it is so tactile. That was until recently, the tapered pin was the result of a baking course I did at the Bertinet Kitchen. The shape really helped when rolling out croissant dough or puff pastry to extend the dough, so I just had to have one. I now use it often.

Spatulas old and new

Spatulas old and new

I love the fact that silicon spatulas still come with wooden handles, that corers (which are really gadgets aren’t they?) and pastry brushes are fashioned with wood.

And other useful tools in my kitchen drawer? Yes, they’re wood too. I am not sure why I have two porridge spurtles, but even they are things of beauty.

I love the fact that they all came from something that once lived. To me, they’re the real stars of the kitchen. Do you feel the same about your wooden kitchen tools?

Spurtles, brushes and corers

Spurtles, brushes and corers


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