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My fellow Lunch Quester and creative inspiration, MJ, is looking after our contribution to this month’s theme ‘from the tree’ by sharing her proposal-inducing pecan pie recipe, so I thought I’d contribute a little soup-related geekery.

We’re just getting to the time of year where soup starts to become an absolute daily necessity. With celeriac and pumpkin as the heralds of the season, we start to seek comfort and joy is bowls of hot, steaming broth. There’s surely no better fuel to get you through the depressingly short winter afternoons, than a lunchtime ladleful.

At the forefront of Edinburgh’s burgeoning soup cafe culture is Union of Genius, on Forrest Road. Open for barely a month, they are already establishing themselves as our premier soup emporium. With six soups to choose from each day (usually a split of three seasonal staples, and three daily/weekly specials, all sourced from a super-group of local ingredient specialists and businesses), patrons are spoilt for choice.

Delicious Soup in Lovely Bread Bowls

We were lucky enough to get the call to help them out with a new idea they’re trialling. Working with their baking specialists at Dough Re Mi, they’re considering serving their sit-in soups in bread bowls. Lovely fresh bread with lovely fresh soup inside sounds like a winning combination to me!

This is something I’ve seen done before, but not sampled for myself. It’s a well-established feature in many restaurants over the pond, as MJ expertly recounted to us.

When the bowls arrived, I was tickled by the look of them. They seemed to blend a rustic charm with a real sense of fun. The texture was somewhere between a flat-bread and a foccaccia, molded to the shape of the bowl. I thought it was just wonderful.

Of course, the real star of the show was the soup. We chose four from their daily six: tagine spiced chick pea; potato and parmesan; cauliflower, saffron and cheese; and borscht.

The Beautiful Borscht

For dramatic colour, the borscht was, of course, the winner. MJ had dressed for the occasion in a borscht jumper and I was wearing my borscht tie, so we definitely looked the part.

So, I’d heartily recommend you pay them a visit, soon, to let them help you chase away the miseries of the season.

Of course, other soup outlets are available. But that’s a story for another day…


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