From the tree: Lemon Tarte

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I do like to expand my baking repertoire whenever possible, and so this week I tackled the relatively simplistic recipe of a Lemon Tarte. It didn’t quite go according to plan but I’ll publish this post as an example of how not to do it in the hopes that others can avoid the pit I fell in to!

What surprised me most about the recipe is how most of what I needed was already sitting in my cupboard; I’d gone shopping with the ingredient list to find I only needed a couple of lemons.

At the vehement insistence of macaronmistress, it was also my first attempt at making my own pastry. This turned out to be easier than I thought, being a simple mix of cold butter and flour rubbed together, followed by an egg yolk and a couple of teaspoons of water. The result was a moist lump of pastry that I wrapped in clingfilm for an hour in the fridge before rolling it out into the required base.

Here is where I went a little wrong. The recipe calls for a fluted baking tin with a removable base, and I only had a deep, round cake tin. I rolled my pastry and placed it in my tin, but completely miscalculated the height of the crust, so when I pre-baked the pastry (15 mins, 160 degrees C), the end result was far too shallow to actually contain my tarte filling which then tried to leak everywhere. Instead of taking it out of the tin as I was supposed to, I left the pastry in and poured the filling on top, and tried to cook the resulting mess as best I could!

As is usual with my oven it got a lot hotter than my dial indicates, and the top of the tarte tried to burn before I realised and turned the heat down. The end result wasn’t actually too bad in the sense that it tasted ok (VERY lemony), but my base was too thick and the sides too thin. Visually, as you can see, it’s not pretty.

Disasters like this are not uncommon in baking, and are great learning experiences. I was proud of my ability to whip up a very fine-looking pastry, and now I appreciate that in future I will need the proper tin (already bought!) and take more care with something as simple as rolling out the base to the proper thickness. I will reattempt this tarte as many times as necessary until I get it right!


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