From the tree: Ten things you didn’t know about Cuckoo’s Bakery

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Earlier this month I interviewed Cuckoo’s Bakery, here’s a little teaser for my upcoming ‘From the Tree‘ post…

Ten things you didn’t know about Cuckoo’s Bakery:

  1. Their cupcake menu changes every single day, with all the cupcakes being made that day
  2. Any cakes left over from that day go to a homeless shelter on North Bridge
  3. If you bring back your Cuckoo’s cupcake box for a refill, you will get 10% off your purchase
  4. Their chandelier is made of 500 pieces which the owners, Vidya and Graham, painstakingly put together themselves
  5. All details were carefully selected to fit the theme, with the cuckoo clock sourced from the Black Forest and the cross stitched frame created by Graham’s grannie’s friend
  6. Their Cuckoo’s Coconut Milkshake contains 3 scoops of Mackie’s ice cream and was termed by one happy customer as “a holiday in a glass”.
  7. Graham once ate 85 mince pies at Christmas, and plans to make them a feature on their upcoming Christmas menu
  8. Their crockery and design work was developed by Parasite Ceramics, an urban ceramic company from the South
  9. All orders are delivered by Edinburgh-based bicycle service Pronto Pedal Power and being environmentally friendly is one of the aims of the bakery
  10. Although Graham lusted after an Artisan KitchenAid, their kitchen is stocked with a Kenwood Chef Major Mixer, which Graham uses to make each sponge batch individually each day.

Photo credit: Marcio Serpa Photography


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