Eating Standing Up: Eating With the Foodies

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Mulled wine

A few weeks ago the lovely hosts at Total Food Geeks planned a Decembral theme of ‘Eating standing up‘; and I was planning to wait till I returned home to Alabama and write about the various foods to eat while on horseback…which is almost like standing up. But then we were invited around to Edinburgh Foody‘s beautiful home in Western (if my geography is correct) Edinburgh. Macaronmistress was kind enough to pick me up near my flat down in Leith and drive me and Georgia over–just hours after she had returned from the States.


Bacon wrapped boozy figs


We were warmly greeted by a festive and every charming Edinburgh Foody and promptly given glasses of steaming mulled wine, which really hit the spot. As all foodies tend to do, we congregated in the kitchen while we nibbled on bacon wrapped booze-soaked figs and and watched the other canapes heat up in the oven. Soon everyone had arrived and we were lured into the living room with its warm inviting colours and wood burning fire (if you cannot tell, I really loved Edinburgh Foody’s home!), where we sat and ate the variety of canapes.

Pastry triangles with cheese and peppers

There were pastry triangles, cheesy filo pastry cups, wee southern cheddar and plain buttermilk biscuits, and spinach and cheese parcels.

Once we had polished off the savory canapes and had learned who had been on great British cooking shows and who was a feeder vs an eater, we were treated to dessert. Emily made delightful mini raspberry cheesecakes that were so cute they could have been wrapped up and sold at any food shop in Edinburgh! The selection of baklava was a sweet accompaniment that rounded out the evening’s food.

We finished the evening with an exchange of Secret Santa gifts that were food related and I came away with a wee red colander that I’ve been using like mad ever since.

Cheese & Chive and plain buttermilk biscuits











Mini Cheesecakes
















Twas a good night for Christmas and eating while standing,
but soon it was time for our party’s disbanding.
So we went on our way, with lots of good cheer,
and plans for new meetups in January next year.

And as you can see by my juvenile rhymes,
Christmas takes hold (it’s surely a sign).
Now dash away donkeys and ponies, you too
I’ll say hi from Alabama, before this year’s through.



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  1. BKR says:

    This all looks incredibly tasty, and it sounds like you had a glorious evening. I’m now even more sorry that I couldn’t make it along :’(


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