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With the New Year literally hours away as I type this, millions of people will be making the same resolution they made last year: Eat more healthily, be fitter, lose weight.

The trouble with food indulgence is that the tastiest foods are rarely the healthiest. Throughout the season I’ve seen people talking about how their clothes are straining against a satisfying excess of delicious food, coupled with the half-hearted promise to do something about it…. later.

Speaking as a man whose weight has yoyo’d significantly over the years, my best recommendation isn’t to try to follow a murderous new year diet, or count to the last calorie, but merely to remember to offset what you eat with some kind of exercise. That probably sounds really obvious, but it’s just a way to keep an eye on what you eat without having to think too much about it.

Take today – New Year parties are often bulging with food, and I’m sure a lot of you will be trying to eat as much alcohol ballast as you can throughout the evening. Knowing this I haven’t had three full meals today, instead I’ve eaten sparingly and will be leaving the house hungry as I know there will be plenty to eat when I get where I’m going. I won’t enjoy my night any less but I also won’t be worrying about the junk food as much as I would have.

More generally, I do allow myself indulgent, ‘fat’ meals, but it firmly lodges an imperative in my head to work it off. This might be going to the gym or for a run the next day, or if the fat meal was anticipated (some big eating nights just sneak up on you!), I’ll have done the exercise beforehand. On an average day, if I eat sensibly and, without counting calories, know I haven’t had ‘too much’, I can let myself off a gruelling session at the gym.

The message is: track your activity to your intake. If you know the week ahead involves lots of food, take the initiative and bank some simple exercise so you can enjoy it without the fear of piling on the pounds. Get up earlier and walk to work, or just get off the bus a couple of stops earlier and give yourself 10 or 20 minutes of light exercise. Instead of sitting make a point of being busy and active, even if it’s walking quickly around the house. You’d be surprised how just a little bit of activity is so much better for you than being sedentary between meals.


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