Good Things In Small Packages: January 2012

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The frivolities and food comas of December have come and gone, and an influx of detoxes, diets and deprivation is upon us. To help our waistlines, and our empty pockets, this month’s theme focuses on getting the best out of something small.

From tiny treats to minuscule meals we will be exploring the smaller side of our great city. And to get things going, we asked you and our fellow TFGE members to recommend the best of the city’s wee eateries.

Here’s what we have so far…

  1. Rice Terraces  - “Scotland’s only Filipino joint” – via @Happy_Appetite aka our own Ross Boyce
  2. Urban Angel Cafe and Broughton Deli – “Awesome, tasty, healthy, organic, yummy and locally sourced food” – via @FirstLightWed
  3. Cafe Domenico – “your perfect little Italy” – via @Pippa_CTx
  4. Port of Siam – “Thai and tiny” and Cafe Cassis – via @EdinTigerTony
  5. Artisan Roast and Wellington Coffee - via @EdinburghCoffee
  6. Kampong Ah Lee - “authentic Malay cuisine” – via @Xabiorbiaz, @EdinburghCoffee and @NowthenDoris
  7. The Cellar Door – “big fan of Sinclair’s Surprise Menu option” – via @ben_seven
  8. Oink Edinburgh – “for the Grunter and the Pink” – via @BrightLightMkg
  9. Kim’s Mini Meals – via our own BKR and Jenny
  10. The Manna House – “amazing cakes” – via @Lorna_gibson
  11. Edinburgh Larder – “superb” – via @Anna_Eilers and @EdinburghCoffee
  12. A Room in the Town and Wedgewood – via Sauvignon_Mum
  13. Indaba – “cracking for unusual tapas”, Sushiya and Patisserie Madeleine – via @ChrissyOopNorth
  14. Chop Chop, The Dogs, The Espy – via @MyFaveSpace
  15. Anteaques - via @Nowthendoris
  16. Nile Valley – “good falafel” and Sprio – “best coffee in town and great food” – via @SimonSalento
  17. La Barantine – “one to add to your list” – via @SophNorthern

As always, thank you to our members and to our readers, without you all we would be nothing. If you have any more recommendations for minute masterpieces or future themes please don’t hesitate to get in touch or tweet us at @TotalFoodGeeks

Happy Eating.

(On a separate tiny note, in looking for inspiration we stumbled across the world of miniature food art and are rather taken by these miniscule meals – some edible and some not. For a taster of what the mini food art scene is all about head over to the gorgeous I’m So Tiny and Top Design Mag’s Small Food Design. And if you want to make your own tiny set out of sour dough, The Craft-Arty Kid offers a great step-by-step guide.)

Photo credit: TheCraft-ArtyKid


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