Good Things In Small Packages: Tex Mex II – Good Things Come Around Twice!

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Mexican is one of those cuisines that is hard to come by in restaurant form.

Be it the token fajitas served in faux American ‘diners’ to las cantinas Mexicanas, the balance just never seems to be right.

I treated the chance happening across Tex Mex II with the same trepidation. Could this be another ‘en vogue’ canteen style restaurant which promises all the sparkle of the original cuisine but delivers at best a comparison to a mashed up piece of cardboard. OR would my prayers be answered and finally we would have a place in Edinburgh that could transport me back to the flavoursome beachside taquerías in Acapulco.

The original Tex Mex opened back in 1984 but moved to Thistle Street in 2007.

Their promise of delivering the best frozen Margarita’s in town is actually not too far from the mark. A litre’s jug later and we still could have gone back for more!

The menu is simple and succinct. Be left under no illusion that what arrives on your plate is far from this.

For those whose palate is accustomed to rich complex flavours go no further than the Carnitas con Guacamole. It’s salty, singing and sexy. The fajitas which normally I would consider a lazy choice is finished with Tequila which adds a further dimension to a typically bland dish.

This is genuinely the first time my partner and I have left a mexican restaurant in the UK wanting to sing its praises. It definitely struck the right chord. I hasten you to it….mush mush!

But first hit their website and sign up to the newsletter…You’ll receive a 20% discount to be used within 2 weeks for the hassle.

Margaritas at Tex Mex II

Adios Amigos!



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One Response to “Good Things In Small Packages: Tex Mex II – Good Things Come Around Twice!”

  1. BKR says:

    Really enjoyed our visit (I had the carnitas, too), so couldn’t agree more! :-)


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