Geeking Out Over….A Total Food Geek on Masterchef!

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We were already rather excited to see what the 2012 series of MasterChef would bring to our screens even before heading to BBC One last night, but were rather surprised to see a certain someone there when we tuned in; none other than East Lothian resident and Total Food Geek Ross!

A massive congratulations to Ross for getting through to the final 24 by serving up an impressive roast loin of pork with sweet and sour toffee apple sauce to pass through the auditions – it looked utterly delicious and in a certain Mr Torode’s words, “I see food like that, and I get really excited. I think that’s clever”. Over 27,000 people applied for this year’s series so it’s a fantastic achievement and very well deserved.

We won’t spoil any more of the programme for those that haven’t had a chance to watch yet but rest assured you are in for a treat with some fantastic dishes put together by the contestants and a hard slog in a couple of London professional kitchens.

If you haven’t seen the first episode yet then you can catch up on BBC iPlayer. For those lucky few that managed to get tickets before they sold out, Ross will be cooking up a storm at the abode of another Total Food Geek, Aoife at her next supper club event on 28th January – a Burn’s Night Supper special!

You can follow MasterChef on Twitter for even more culinary chatter at @MasterChefUK


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