Good Things In Small Packages: Spice

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One of my earliest memories was playing in the kitchen. Mum had her spices in a sort of carousel in one cupboard. I used to love taking them out and rearranging them, no doubt enjoying the smell.

When I think about it, I realise that none of those spices were whole – everything was powdered.

Looking back at her collection of recipes from that time, many exotic ones feature. Did she cook them and I have forgotten? I guess I’ll never know.


Cinnamon stick, star anise, ras-el-hanout mix

Looking in my cupboard which should be a lot more tidy, I have many, many packets of spices, some fastened with a peg or a rubber band and all jumbled together. But what treasures within!

From a looks point of view, star anise has to be the winner. I’m very fond of cardamoms both green and black, there are huge chunky pieces of cinnamon bark (that’s what you get when you buy in bulk). But then, I’ve forgotten the ras-el-hanout mixed for us in Morocco, ready for us to grind. I’d be hard put to identify all the spices included!

Good things really do come in small packages.

The best place to purchase is a Chinese supermarket such as Matthew’s Foods the variety is superb and spices are so much cheaper than in your usual supermarket.


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  1. BKR says:

    Great post! Will need to pay Matthew’s a visit, soon, as it sounds extremely intriguing :-)


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