Geeking Out Over… Romantic Eggs & Buttered Popcorn

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Total Food Geeks came together because of a united love of geeking out about food. Over the past few weeks I’ve come across some things which I’ve thought were the epitome of this group mentality, so I thought I’d share them with you all…

1. The first is a book – Cooking for Geeks by Jeff Potter

It’s an impressive collection of facts and lessons surrounding food; from the sensible (how to cook the perfect boiled egg) to the sublime (how many seconds to cook a pizza at 1,000° F/540° C). By providing you with scientific, or generally unknown, knowledge about cooking the book is not only a fascinating read but also helps you better understand, and improve, your own skills in the kitchen. There’s even some particularly good pub-quiz facts about buttered popcorn, but I’ll let you enjoy those yourself.

The experimentation it suggests definitely takes you back to those early days of cooking and finding your culinary feet, and the easy to navigate sections make it a great book to dip into every once in a while.

Total Food Geeks - Cooking For Geeks - Science

Here’s an example of one of the many types of insight the book offers (found on the Cooking for Geeks blog)

Total Food Geeks - Cooking for Geeks - Sauces

2. The second is an article – 25 clever ideas to make life easier

So the article isn’t entirely to do with food, but the foodie points within it are great fun and provide a different look at the type of cooking we all do everyday. In the article you will find tips on everything from how to fold bedsheets to baking in ice cream cones (something which food geeks Pete and I will testing out for our TFGE Retox month next month).

My favourite item, and perfect in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, was these lovely heart shaped boiled eggs. Following my romantic chicken soup post last month, I think I might start including a bit of romance in more of my everyday food, and these seemed perfect for a Valentine’s Day picnic…

3. The third is a blog post – A beginner’s guide to molecular gastronomy

What with a local food geek featuring on BBC One’s MasterChef 2012, I’ve been trying to become more au fait with the finer elements of restaurant and experimental cooking.

Having been fascinated by the achievements of Heston Blumenthal for a long time (although being more of a Nigel Slater cook in the kitchen), I really enjoyed this quick breakdown of the key techniques involved in his cooking – including Foam, Spherification and Sous Vide. It even tells you how to take it further at home – although I’m not sure that I’m quite that brave just yet.

4. The fourth (and final) is a radio show – BBC Radio Scotland’s The Kitchen Café

Presented by Pennie Latin and KirstyWark, and recently featuring Total Food Geek Mymonkfish, BBC Radio Scotland’s
Kitchen Café is the place to be on a Wednesday afternoon if you love locally focused foodie chat.

I loved listening to Hilary from MyMonkfish on the show so much that I now listen to the Kicthen Café podcast as part of my regular Saturday morning treat.

So there you go, if you come across any geeky facts, sites or shows that you think we’d love, please share them. In the meantime, I hope this satisfied your hunger for food geekery for that little bit longer…



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