All I really wanted for Valentine’s

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I love the fact that in America, you send a Valentine’s card to your best friend, your daughter, not just your lover. Recently I was contacted by a Mom whose daughter is here in Edinburgh at University. She wanted to send her something special, decadent, on Valentine’s, that was produced locally.

Easy, I thought. Not so!

A romantic at heart, I was envisaging deliveries across Edinburgh to people slogging away at what ever job they do, Their receptionist would ring up and say “You’ve a delivery”. You’d go down and find not the bog-standard flowers, but a beautiful plate of butteries, or a box full of handmade chocolates, a gorgeous smoothie bursting with fruit, cupcakes with “I love you” piped on everyone, . Of course, the delivery people would arrive on on horseback .. no that is just going too far .. but perhaps a fleet of electric cars or cycles?

Sadly, as a city Edinburgh is not romantic. I tweeted to see whether any such deliveries existed and alas found almost none. What a missed opportunity. There’s no way someone from a far can treat their loved one without popping into the store to arrange.

A birthday box from Jason Atherton's Pollen Street Social

A birthday box from Jason Atherton's Pollen Street Social

Come to think of it what about all those people with a birthday; or an excuse to have bacon baps on dress down Friday; or a way to celebrate a baby born? How lovely it would be surprise them with something local, personally delivered.

Is anyone up for it?



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