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Happy Valentine’s Day!

As those of you who have come across my cake-centric thoughts on the BakeNation blog will know, I am a keen admirer of baked goods, and on this romance-themed day, I would even go so far as to say that I love them.

This fanaticism surrounding eating (and sometimes creating) cakes, tarts, muffins, cookies, breads, brownies and more extends into most of my free time and, living in Edinburgh, there’s always a wealth of opportunities to indulge in the obsession. Delicious.

Last weekend, in true Retox form, we set out to explore some more of Edinburgh’s baking majesties. After my recent interview with the wonderful Cuckoo’s Bakery and exploits such as the Edinburgh Cake Trail, I was encouraged to seek out and celebrate somewhere new and heavenly…

The French Fancies, London Street

Total Food Geeks - Retox - Edinburgh Baking - French Fancies Cafe

First stop, French Fancies. Warm, comforting, rich, welcoming, kindly, high quality and of a light elegance often found in French patisserie, this seven month old basement cafe is a treasure-trove of homemade, well-loved and perfectly implemented recipes.

There were bright, delicate macaroons, rich tarts, sticky jams and rustic charcuterie; we were even lucky enough to be in the presence of *genuine* French people enjoying their afternoon and making our experience feel all the more authentic. Thanks to the lovely french couple who run the café, Bé & Thomas, we spent the afternoon transported to a slower pace of life, a softer way of living and a delicious few moments away from the busy weekend streets.

We consumed a zesty, creamy lemon tart, a bittersweet raspberry tart and a pot of Moroccan mint tea (highly recommended).

The French Fancies

42 London Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6LX
Find them on Facebook, on Twitter, and via email

Total Food Geeks - Retox - Edinburgh Baking - French Fancies CafeTotal Food Geeks - Retox - Edinburgh Baking - French Fancies CafeTotal Food Geeks - Retox - Edinburgh Baking - French Fancies Cafe

What others have to say…

The List

The French Fancies is evidence that the French have as much affinity for rustic, homemade simplicity as they do for haute cuisine.

Edinburgh Spotlight

…definitely worth a visit whilst in the Broughton Street area.


…an Aladdin’s cave of deli products, preserves, and other tasty treats.



Mimi’s Bakehouse, The Shore

Total Food Geeks - Retox - Edinburgh Baking - Mimi's Bakehouse, Leith
The next stop was Mimi’s Bakehouse in Leith. Having opened eighteen months ago, this cafe-come-cakeland has taken The Shore by storm; feeding afternoon teas, savoury tarts and a multitude of baked delights to its eager customers.

On a bustling Sunday afternoon it was easy to understand why this carefully crafted cafe will be expanding to offer larger eating space and even more this week. Its cheerful atmosphere, gargantuan portions and highly professional tea-party food made for a fun and fulfilling Sunday experience.

We had a warm, moist raspberry and chocolate brownie, a humongous slice of Victoria Sponge and a spiced fruit scone (a great option for those with slightly tighter purse strings).

Mimi’s Bakehouse

63 The Shore, Leith, Edinburgh, EH66RA
Find them on Facebook, on Twitter and on their website.

Total Food Geeks - Retox - Edinburgh Baking - Mimi's Bakehouse, LeithTotal Food Geeks - Retox - Edinburgh Baking - Mimi's Bakehouse, LeithTotal Food Geeks - Retox - Edinburgh Baking - Mimi's Bakehouse, Leith

What others have to say…

Edinburgh Spotlight

…a force to be reckoned with.


I know I cannot live on sugar alone. But please, please can we go back to Mimi’s??


A cake-lover’s nirvana.

Two fantastic specimens of Edinburgh’s thriving baking scene, equally recommended for their very different charms. We left both afternoons awash with the fulfilment of completely gratifying our gluttony, and also a sense of true pride, delighted by a city that savours independent establishments and supports wherever possible the immense talent and enthusiasm of Edinburgh’s many bakers and cake-makers.

Love baking in Edinburgh?

Try Edinburgh Cake Ladies or Sofi’s Bake Nights to meet like-minded individuals and gorge on something delicious.

Or check out the Total Food Geeks recent baking recipes… including petit fours, verrines, chocolate and chestnut log, pecan pie, apple cupcakes, crème brûlée and more…

Or just fancy a homemade treat?

Both Tealicious and Queen of Tarts have beautiful afternoon teas on offer in unique venues.


If you have any recommendations surrounding cafes, tea parties or baking clubs in Edinburgh, we’d love to hear them. Let us know in the comments below…



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