#TFGE Open Night – Oh What A Night!

Posted at February 29, 2012 by 2 Comments

Last night was the first ever Total Food Geeks Open Night

And what a night it was!

Total Food Geeks - Open Night - Food Bloggers - Edinburgh

Thirty or so passionate food lovers bundled into Underdogs bar to share stories, taste strange delights and make new friends. The atmosphere was buzzing, and even those who couldn’t make it were getting involved from afar via the #TFGE hashtag.

For us, it was a delight to see such a happy union of the online and offline food world, and to finally put faces to all those names (and Twitter handles) we already felt we knew so well from the Twitterverse and 

There were current Total Food Geeks, established bloggers, aspiring writers, chefs, bakers, supper club hosts and even someone from the BBC Kitchen Cafe. And the resounding opinion was that Edinburgh’s food scene is something to be proud of, and to celebrate!

We’re growing!

The great news is that you’ll be seeing many more Total Food Geeks on the site in the upcoming weeks – we were overwhelmed by the wonderful interest the night created and will be contacting those who were interested over the next few days. So keep you eyes peeled for more reviews, recommendations, recipes and more.

We’re also planning on running some more Open Nights for the wider food lovers community, so keep an eye on the site, our Facebook page and Twitter account for more.

And… if you weren’t able to come to our event last night and would like to get involved then just pop us an email and we’d love to chat!

Who do you love?

As a final note, we want to hear from you! Last night, the air was filled with people taking about their favourite blogs across Edinburgh and Scotland. There were big ones, small ones, new ones and old ones, and we’d like to spread the word about them.

So please pop along and recommend your favourites here and we will develop a big beautiful list. (And if you’re a blogger yourself, feel free to add your own!)

Total Food Geeks - Open Night - Food Bloggers - Edinburgh Scotland

Our Thanks

Last, but not least, we’d like to say our sincere thanks to all of you for attending, to Underdogs for putting us with a lot of excitable food-lovers and to Pete and Neil for helping is get the site back up in time.

There’s still chatter going on at the #TFGE hashtag if you want to be part of the conversation, you can see Edinburgh Food Girl’s thoughts here and you can hear more about the event on the BBC Kitchen Cafe show next Wednesday at 1.15pm.






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2 Responses to “#TFGE Open Night – Oh What A Night!”

  1. Al says:

    The open night was great fun.
    Had a brilliant discussion with some serious enthusiasts about food and drink matching, and cooking with booze – chocolate truffles with a drop of whisky in them, who wouldn’t like that?!

    All bloody nice people sharing their culinary stories, hints and tips. I learned loads.

    Good venue too, can’t wait for the next one.

    • Georgia says:

      Thanks Al! It was great to see you there. You can give us truffles with whisky in them any day!

      Now… when are we going to see something from you on the site? :-)


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