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There’s a feeling of general loveliness when you walk into Cook in Morningside. 

Trish Leckie has managed to create a sense of warmth and community which is a rare gem in a franchised business. After chatting with Trish over a cup of tea you get the sense that this was her exact intent. An antithesis to her background of working for the corporate machine where it’s all about profit & not about the people.

The Tea Board at CookThe Tea Board at Cook

I like the fundamental principle to Cook, in keeping with its humble family beginnings,

“prepared by hand using the same ingredients & techniques you would at home”.

Opened in November 2011 the Morningside community have received this store with the slogan“Love your Freezer” incredibly well. So much so they’re widening their reach by offering home delivery, already a popular choice.

It’s quite clear from Trish how much the elderly community and their children in particular are beginning to rely on Cook’s services. It warms my heart when she relays the stories of folk popping into the store to tell her how much this newly opened shop has changed their lives by not having to rely on poorer quality alternatives. Not only are they able to purchase childhood favourites such as Macaroni Cheese (a firm Scottish favourite) but explore new cuisines like the now popular Moroccan Lamb Tagine. 

Any trepidation felt towards these exotic flavours are immediately dispelled when a hot taster of the dish is offered, something which happens a few times every day.

I was happily allowed a sample of one of Cook’s signature dishes “Pork Dijonnaise”. Wow was the taste of that unexpected! The sauce was creamy and flavoursome whilst the pork was melt-in-your -mouth…

I admit when I first realised I was going to conduct this interview with Cook, owing to my own previous experience with ready made food, I’d almost made up my mind before I’d walked in the door. I now happily hold my hands up as a woman proved wrong!

Quite giddily, after my visit, I decided to make a couple of purchases for the weekend ahead. Retrospectively I can see how easy it would be to eat Cook products every night, especially after spending a hard days work at the office. Who wants to come back every night and spend a couple of hours whipping up a storm in the kitchen or travelling the aisles of a packed supermarket?

All-in-all I would say to any foodie that may have a raised eyebrow whilst reading this to forget your preconceptions & give this place a whirl. It’ll surprise you.

What Trish geeks out over – A good cup of coffee & a well made cake!

Recommended eats in Edinburgh – Bon Vivant“The sort of place where you go in for one then end up rolling out after a 3-course meal & several bottles of wine” 

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