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It’s Mother’s Day this weekend, the one day when the flurry of life is meant to pause for tea and flowers and thanks.

Over the past week I’ve been thinking more and more about the immense influence our mothers have had our worlds. From the spiritual, to the culinary, the good, and the bad, they’ve left their mark on the way we are today.

This week, I want to celebrate all of our mums and everything that they have taught us and I hope that you can help.

I’m bringing together kitchen tales and recipes to show that mum really does know best. What did your mum pass on to you- a family recipe? a secret ingredient? a skill or passion? We would love to find out and share in a bit of lovely reminiscing.

For me, my mum taught me to look at what’s in my food: to take note of what the ingredients are, how they are put together and how they affect you. Learning this with her has made me so much more aware of which foods make me happy and which make me healthy.

I’m sure my mum wouldn’t be offended if I said that she wasn’t the world’s greatest cook, but she did teach me invaluable lessons about food – such as supporting local or small traders wherever possible and encouraging people to find their own way with cooking, even if the results aren’t always appealing (trying my sister’s Washing-Up-Liquid Fairy Cakes was an experience that neither of us will ever forget!).

Here’s what some of the Total Food Geeks had to say…

My mum always used to help me make coconut macaroons. She pretty much cooked everything and I always thought her fayre was awesome, especially the roast!


My mum taught me what was possible with good quality ingredients; the wonderful things that can be created from the simplest of materials.

As a vegetarian, she cooked meat and fish for the family but also showed my sisters and I ways to treat vegetables as a core part of a dish and think creatively to make them into something brilliant and delicious that anyone that likes food can enjoy, whether they eat meat or not.


So, let us know – be it a tale or recipe – what did your mum pass on to you?

As a final note…

I’ll be on BBC Radio Scotland’s Kitchen Cafe show later today talking about this topic, Total Food Geeks and the Edinburgh food scene. If you fancy it, you can listen by clicking on the link above, and I’ll be tweeting from the Total Food Geeks twitter account during the show!

Photos: Showing you care at Mimi’s Bakehouse with Love Heart biscuits, and my mum, Jill, and her mummy.



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2 Responses to “Geeking Out Over… Mum knows best”

  1. Katey says:

    One thing I remember growing up was my mum’s huge collection of cookbooks – from an era where there was no internet at your fingertips to look up any recipe you so desire in a matter of seconds, these were a valuable commodity! I have happy memories of going through these with her, and definitely something I have inherited with my own large collection of cookbooks (or maybe that’s just the hoarding gene…). She was always inventive and could remember how to make things without a recipe – still impressive to me now!

  2. Al says:

    It has to be said, I make probably the best bolognese in the world – but only because I stole the recipe from my mum.
    Don’t think I’ll ever master her carrot cake though. I’m sure only with magic and witchcraft can something taste that good!


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