Experiments: April 2012

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Scotland’s history is rich with experimentation and invention; from marmalade to microwaves, we are a nation of geeky creators…

Across our city we see food-lovers exploring the limits of their cooking every single day – from the imagination of dishes served at 21212, to the teachings of skilled chefs such as Nick Nairn and Tom Kitchin at the recent Edinburgh International Science Festival, we are constantly proving that food can be a science, and a passion.

With the Science Festival in full swing and events scheduled across the city through to the 15th April, we’ve come over all scientific so, true to our name, this month’s theme takes geeking about food to a whole new level. Don your lab coats, get out your pipettes, try something new or just play with some flavour combinations that shouldn’t work but somehow do, and get experimental.

What does ‘Experiments’ mean to you?

After the wonderful earthiness of last month’s theme, Growth, we can’t wait to see what this month has in store. We’ve heard rumours of new dish inventions, molecular gastronomy and tasting new cuisines for the very first time… how exciting!

Get Experimenting!

You can find out all about Edinburgh International Science Festival on their site and buy tickets for the events on offer – both food-related and otherwise. The events programme runs until 15th April and the festival will be closed with three nights of ‘live science’ with BBC One’s Bang Goes The Theory presenting ‘Bang Live’ from Edinburgh’s Usher Hall.

As always, we love to hear from you. If you have any thoughts, suggestions or ideas, get in touch.

Happy Eating. And Happy Experimenting!


Photo credit: Science Gallery, Dublin

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