Geeking Out Over… The Launch of the Taste of Edinburgh Festival 2012

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In Edinburgh, we are fortunate to not only be blessed with some of the most food obsessed people in the country, but also to be the home of so many food focused events.

This July, The Meadows will be filled with more than just sunshine and good spirits, it will house one of the larger food events to grace our city: the sixth Taste of Edinburgh Festival. From 6th – 8th July there will be live cooking demonstrations, food and drink from over 100 artisan producers and a chance to try your hand with AEG Perfekt Cooking Classes (the main sponsors for the event).

This week I was lucky enough to witness the coming together of some of the creme de la creme of Scottish culinary talent, as they celebrated the launch of the Edinburgh Taste Festival 2012. It was so much fun that I couldn’t wait to share it with the other geeks!

With fruit, vegetables and fizz to play with, Mary Contini (VinCaffé), Paul Whitecross (Angels with Bagpipes), Tony Sarton (Tigerlily), Mark Greenaway (No. 12 Picardy Place) and Simon Lannon (Hadrian’s Brasserie at The Balmoral) seemed thrilled to be involved with the project. And even on a slightly drizzling Edinburgh afternoon, the chefs’ excitement at their Scottish Picnic was clear.

During our shoot, the Meadows was a tranquil (and slightly damp) place, but over the three days of the festival it is anticipated that over 30,000 foodies will descend. What are they looking for? The best of Scottish food. What will they find? A lineup of 16 award winning restaurants, with a Taste Theatre, stalls and even a VIP lounge. And, for the first time ever, kids under the age of 12 will be able to attend for free. Sounds pretty good to me!

If you’re thinking of going, let us know, as I’m sure there will be a Total Food Geeks contingent trying to get all the geeky gossip.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed my snaps (!) and watch out for the masterful Mark Greenaway… just after this picture was taken a large tomato came my way, and a sneaking suspicion tells me it was from him!

Taste of Edinburgh Festival 2012

Click here if you want to book tickets to the Edinburgh Taste Festival 2012.

And if you’re interested in the plans in the lead-up to the event, you can find the festival on Twitter.

Chris MacKenzie

Hello! As this is my first post I wanted to introduce myself. I’m Chris MacKenzie, photographer and food lover. I would dearly love to concentrate on photographing food for all my working life, and getting the chance to spend time with chefs like these is really what I live for.

I love photographing food – The food I photograph is normally just prepared, it will be hot, the glazes will be vibrant, the smell will be breathtaking and the food looks rich and delicious. There’s nothing better. I don’t use artificial methods, or stylists. Just me, the chef and the food, and I think that’s best. These chefs spend their whole career creating plates of food with high impact and a wow factor, and if what they do is good enough for their restaurants then it is more than good enough for me!

If you don’t find me sitting in Hamiltons in Stockbridge, I’m probably taking photos of something delicious. If you ever see me, just say hello. Or you can find me on Twitter at @chris_mackenzie where I’m currently getting very excited about being a Total Food Geek!

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Chris is professional photographer who works tirelessly to capture his clients expectations. He has worked with some of Edinburgh's best chefs, capturing their food, restaurant interiors and their personalities. Chris is continually delighted and inspired by each and every photograph that he captures. I geek out over: texture, presentation, smell Twitter: @chris_mackenzie Blog:

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