Theme for November

Posted at October 31, 2013 by 2 Comments

Once again it’s November; the waiting room for Christmas.

Too late in the year to seriously entertain a salad, yet indecently early for the belly busting excess of the festive season.

So where do we stand from a culinary point of view?  Gentle appreciation of the complex and subtle flavours of the autumn larder is no doubt woven deeply into food geek DNA, but by November it’s surely time for a change; a smack in the mouth; a bit of heat; an explosion; food that punches above its weight…

In short; it’s November and we want fireworks!  Discuss.

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I enjoy eating good food, I aspire to cook good food. There is nothing better than a plan that comes together and a table full of happy diners. I geek out over: new flavours, technique, MasterChef Twitter: @pie_and_beans Blog:

2 Responses to “Theme for November”

  1. Hmm great post David. When I think fireworks I cant help think of Asia. And with the winter fast approaching and the nights drawing in chilli, ginger and corriander and staples on my shopping list. Whether its a Thai broth a sticky chilli beef stirfry its all about contrast.

  2. Arianna says:

    Fireworks… made me think, strangely enough, of scampi cooked in olive oil and garlic in a wok and then finished with brandy which is then flambeed… I do this a lot when I am in Rome and my Mum really likes them–she says that flambe’ is ‘my’ thing… if only I then ate the fish (I am veggie…) :)


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