Finding Comfort: Life Fork Spoon

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Comfort food conjures up a number of different images for me. At different stages in my life “comfort” has been associated with many a thing. From a simple packet of biscuits with a cup of tea to dunk them in after playing out in the rain as a child, to a Shepherd’s Pie enjoyed at the Clubhouse after a tough muddy game of Rugby whilst at university.

These days “comfort” is more of a marriage of two words for me. One being “flavoursome”, the other “convenient”, but like Paul Newman and Joanna Woodward this is a marriage that is hard to come by.

A chance meeting on a flight from Cuba and all my comfort food woes had been solved:

Life Fork Spoon

Oh yes, as a professional woman who spends most of her time in the air or in airports, I can now order restaurant quality (I’m not talking Toby Carvery here!) food delivered cooked and preserved in dry ice straight to my door.

I have the ability to not only indulge in White Chocolate & Whisky Bread & Butter Pudding after a busy day but I can also purchase a three course meal for 6 for £50, with the added bonus of fooling my friends that I do indeed have six arms blessed by the food Gods Oliver & Roux.

This is a fabulous concept delivered in style which I feel compelled to pass on to the discerning foodie who has limited time to spend in the kitchen but wishes to indulge.

Go forth and enjoy my friends :)

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