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To me, food means great comfort, enticement, fun, joy, and almost always making a mess. Edinburgh is my haven; we’ve enough eateries and food fanatics to keep every waking hour of life deliciously fulfilled. You’ll find me discussing the delights of baking, discovering our city’s restaurants and devouring homely comforts.

I geek out over: culinary events, foodie photos and my grannie’s fairy cakes

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I like to experiment with ingredients and make something new and exciting with things otherwise old and familiar. Food is a big part of my day to day life and in the family so it’s always very social – nothing better than good food and good company to make time fly. I’m something of a competitive cook and like to perfect my own versions of recipes through trial, error and practice so weekends are usually filled with one food-based project or another, and making a lot of mess…

I geek out over: Old Cookbooks, Unusual Ingredients, Bread Making

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I love eating, drinking, baking, cookbooks, being a greedy guts – pretty much everything to do with food. I started blogging when I first moved to Edinburgh as a way to remember and share my favourite places to go and to document my favourite bakes.

I geek out over: Baking, seasonal produce, anything sweet!

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I love all things food. Food food food food food. My not so secret indulgence are fancy restaurants which cause you to have a Meg Ryan, When Harry met Sally moment, right there in front of the other diners.
My Twitter name was borne out of an obsession with Macarons…spending hours at a time perfecting those little french fancies is my idea of fun and time well spent…

I geek out over: Macarons, Michelin Stars, Baking

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Together with MJ, we are on a quest to find the best lunch places in Edinburgh and beyond. We love lunching with new friends, particularly fellow food bloggers, so drop us a line and come and join us on a quest, soon.

I geek out over: soup, restaurant reviews, cardamom

Twitter: @lunchquest

Blog: Lunch Quest Edinburgh


Purveyor of giant snackey website with an emphasis on size and creative authenticity that makes regular treats look like punishments by comparison!
My personal cookery skills specialise in cakes, biscuits, desserts and all things delicious. Much less good at conventional cooking but can still whip up a mean toad in the hole or sausage casserole if the need arises!

I geek out over: cinnamon, pastry, hazelnuts

Twitter: @pimpthatsnack
Blog: Pimp That Snack

Edinburgh Foody is passionate about food and is keen to celebrate the wonderful producers, products, restaurants, chefs and foodies we have in Scotland. I love to travel, so you’ll always find pieces of food further afield too. I love to bake bread, grow vegetables and eating out in great company.

I geek out over: sous vide, great food, bread-making


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Having conquered some of her childhood food fears (mushrooms, seafood et al) Leila started up her blog in the summer of 2009. Since then she has ploughed appetite-first into a world of tweets, posts, photos and recipes. Events manager by day; intrepid food blogger and reviewer by night. She is also known as Bite Magazine’s Gourmet Girl, with a monthly column touring Edinburgh’s finest food emporia. Only mildly concerned by her expanding waist-line.

I geek out over: Good bread, steak and organic eats

Twitter: @LeilAppetit


Mildly offensive, hugely obsessive, highly opinionated, frightfully charming food geek.

Cooks a bit, eats out a bit and likes experimenting.

I geek out over: Charcuiterie, modern techniques and Bearnaise

Twitter: @Happy_Appetite

I host a fortnightly secret supper club in my Edinburgh flat, called My Home Supper Club. I love cooking for others. I am passionate about supporting Scottish producers and local artisan food businesses. The food I cook is seasonal and organic and sometimes a little bit left field. I like to look to the past when developing recipes; I am a traditionalist. I have yet to be convinced by some of the hallmarks of the fine dining experience, I prefer unpretentious, decent food cooked well.

I geek out over: cooking, sourcing produce, feeding others

Twitter: @myhomesupper


I’m originally from Alabama, USA, and have been in the UK for a bit over 5 years. I’m currently finishing up my PhD in poetry writing at the University of Edinburgh. I teach English Lit tutorials at the uni, work part time at Edinburgh Books, do some freelance copy writing, am a partner in a publishing company based in the States, am the Managing Editor and founding partner of The Istanbul Review, founding member and write for Lunchquest Edinburgh, and I am very attached to showing American Quarter Horses and find that somehow, most things come back to horses, Italy, and getting a book published.

I geek out over: Baking bread, Italian cooking, food of the American South

Twitter: @Mj801
Blog: Lunch Quest Edinburgh

A Edinburgh-based freelance journalist, I find food completely fascinating. Who grows it, makes it, cooks it, eats it – and why – are questions that are only becoming increasingly relevant. And of course there’s the never-arduous task of cooking it, eating it and learning about it myself…I find reviewing adds a web of extra enjoyment to a meal – very rarely is a meal perfect, and very rarely is it all bad. Considering how, why and in what measure this balance is reached is one of the most enjoyable aspects of dining out.

I geek out over: Feeding children properly, passionate food producers and ‘scientific’ cooking

Twitter: @hannahjewan
Blog: Foodineer

I spend most of my days walking, eating and drinking around Edinburgh as the Yelp Edinburgh Community Manager! This puts me in the very fortunate position to seek out new foodie places to try and then share them on Yelp! I moved to Edinburgh in January 2011, having studied and worked in Glasgow for 7 years, and am already in love with the foodie-fuelled Capital. Eating out is a hobby and passion of mine, usually combined with talking about food. I like to keep a bit of balance with running and yoga, a lover of online social trends and geek-chic.

I geek out over: Rare steak, Rioja and Margaritas

Twitter: @jenniferlovatt
Hilary Sturzaker (aka Mymonkfish) is a fanatical food blogger who is passionate about eating ‘local’ and supporting ‘local’ suppliers. A recent obsession is the underground restaurant and guerrilla dining scenes which are still a fairly new concept to Edinburgh. Can often be found eating cake, drinking tea and talking food in her favourite local haunts Broughton Deli and Earthy Foods.

I geek out over: eating ‘local’, guerrilla dining, food and drink matching

Twitter: @mymonkfish